What to Expect

What to Expect

Due to the current pandemic, we are suspending in-person meetings and will arrange to meet over a secure virtual conference.

When we first meet expect to be treated with respect, patience and understanding. We prefer to meet people in person as we feel it is important to gain a greater trust and understanding of one another.

If you need assistance with your civil case or estate plan and are unable to come to our office, we are more than willing to come to you when possible. We frequently meet with individuals who are facing severe health issues and are unable to leave their homes. If this is the case, please feel free to let us know so we can try to plan a visit to you.

We are also able to travel for mediation matters or to host the mediation in our office.

Regardless of why you are coming to see us, there are a few steps that will need to be completed. First, we will need verify we do not have a conflict of interests. Next, we will have a brief phone discussion so we can obtain an overview of the situation. Finally, if we feel that we will be able to assist you, we will schedule a face to face meeting to gain a thorough understanding or your case and begin planning our strategy.

Before we begin any actual work, we will complete a fee agreement which clearly outlines our roles as we move forward.

If you are coming for mediation, before the mediation occurs a confidentiality agreement will be signed by all participants to ensure everyone may be open and honest during the mediation process.