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Corporate & Securities Litigation Attorneys in San Ramon, California

Claassen Marrs, P.C. represents growth companies, family-owned businesses, other companies, and their people in corporate governance litigation, shareholder litigation, ownership transitions, and buy-outs throughout California from its offices in Oakland, California.

Corporate Governance Litigation

Led by founding attorney John Claassen, Claassen Marrs, P.C. regularly represents companies, management, and shareholders in corporate governance matters. John's experience includes the prosecution and defense of lawsuits seeking compensation for shareholder oppression, wrongful distributions, breaches of the duty of care and loyalty, the improper taking of corporate opportunities, or mismanagement. He has successfully brought and defended shareholder derivative actions and direct actions on behalf of companies, their management, and their shareholders.

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Shareholder Transitions

Claassen Marrs, P.C. expertise includes not only litigation or managing change in shareholder transitions or other changes in ownership as they occur but also structuring effective solutions long before problems arise. In representing, companies or shareholders, Claassen Marrs, P.C. counsels clients on voting agreements and share purchase agreements. In addition, it takes a lead role in selecting appraisers, securing the information necessary for the appraisals, and ensuring that the Board of Directors and shareholders take appropriate actions to complete transitions. When litigation is necessary to complete a buy-out or other transition, Claassen Marrs, P.C. works aggressively to achieve its client’s objectives.

Securities Law

Claassen Marrs, P.C. represents companies and their shareholders in state and federal securities law cases. The law firm represents plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits claiming violations of the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, Rule 10b-5, California Corporate Securities Law, otherwise known as California’s Blue Sky law, and California regulations regarding the offer and sales of securities claims. Claassen Marrs, P.C. is also familiar with holders' claims where a shareholder alleges that he held his shares rather than sell them in reliance upon a misrepresentation.

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